5 Affordable Home Decor Ideas

It doesn’t have to take a long time or break the bank to upgrade your house. Here are some economic home decor ideas to freshen up your house. You can make a difference in your place with small change!

1. Paint the Ceiling

People often forget about the ceiling, but it has so much potential. Depending on the color of a ceiling, your place can look larger or smaller. First look at the place you want to paint and check the amount of light your room gets. And now it’s time to choose the color. Same colored ceilings and walls give illusion of larger space because of less contrast. Just remind light color ceiling and dark color ceiling can make a room seem shrink. Also here is a useful website that will help you see how your room will look with different color.


2. Replace a faucet

Faucet is not only practical, but it also helps the style of your kitchen or bathroom. Install a new faucet! It can make your house gorgeous whether it’s in the kitchen or bathroom.


3. Try vintage style light bulbs

It’s a nod to the past, but the vintage style Edison light bulb has become increasingly popular. You might notice lots of coffee shops and restaurants decorate their places with old fashioned style bulbs. This new trend gives a unique vibe to any place. Also, with dimmers you can adjust the light level depending on your mood. Now it’s your turn. Follow the trend and give your room a wonderful nostalgic look!

4. Use Mirrors

If you don’t have enough budget to buy a piece of artwork, mirrors can be excellent components of home decoration.  Mirrors make rooms brighten up and look more spacious. No matter its size or where you put/hang on the empty wall, it will be a great point.

5. Decorate with rugs

Do you feel something is missing in your house? Do you need warm and comfort feeling in a room? Do you want to separate some areas in your studio? Here is a versatile item for you; Rugs! They’ll be a perfect solution for your home decor. You can put them on the floor either hang on the wall as rugs give an artistic value. Changing rugs can be a good way to freshen up for different seasons (I know we’re in Hawaii and have a pretty much same season in a whole year though) or to jump on the new color trends. In addition, if you live in a studio, or have a large room, rugs will be very useful to define or separate areas, such as dining areas or seating areas.

About the Author

Brandon Lau grew up in Kailua and currently resides in Honolulu with his wife Andee and children Caylah, Elijah, and David. His eighteen years in real estate led him to become a Partner at ChaneyBrooks Choice Advisors. Over the past 10 years he has developed the team and systems that has created a high level of service and value for his clients.

What differentiates Brandon and his team is his consultative approach to real estate. He advises clients with relevant data and expert insight to help them make the best choices in real estate. Good choices in planning for long term dispositions, negotiating for the best price or knowing when not to pursue an investment are ways his consultative services will give you an advantage in the marketplace. His bottom line is providing service with the utmost integrity and expertise.