6 Quick Tips To Eliminate Clutter

6 Quick Tips To Eliminate Clutter

A cluttered house can make you feel tired and confused. But if the task of organizing your entire house seems overwhelming, start with small, 10-minute or less “mini-projects.” Experts have found that you will be more motivated to complete small projects that have a rapid reward. Try these 6 mini-projects to clear you mind, make decisions more easily, and feel more energized:

Clear-Up Problem Areas:
 Clothes closet: If you have a limited closet space, consider getting hangers that hook to each other vertically instead of throwing clothes on the ground. You can also add hanging storage systems for items like sweaters, shoes, and other bulky things. See closet systems at: www.bedbathandbeyond.com
 Home office: Divide and conquer this task by first putting all papers in the trash or in stacks like these: call, pay, return, order, brainstorm, talk to family, etc. Set up an action system with colored folders for each stack. Tackle each folder when you can find 10 minutes to spare. You’ll find folder systems at: www.officedepot.com
 Under the sink: Order stacking drawers in plastic or metal wire. When you measure, be sure to allow space for the drain pipe. Find these drawer systems at: www.containerstore.com

Put Away Problem Items:
 Junk: Organize your junk by using rubber bands to separate items by type. You can still have a junk drawer but use a rubberized drawer liner from www.duckbrand.com to keep things from shifting.
 Seasonal: Store things you won’t use until the next season under the bed. To save space, try using vacuum-sealed packs from www.spacebag.com.
 Antiques: You may have things that you don’t really love, but you inherited and think they will have a high value someday. Find out what it is worth with www.appraisers.org, or for a quick reality check, search www.ebay.com.

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