5 Tips on Selling Your Home Fast

5 Tips on Selling Your Home Fast

1. Audit your agent’s online marketing. 92% of homebuyers begin their house hunt online, and they will never even get in the car to come see your home if the online listings aren’t compelling enough. In real estate, this means pictures!

2. Let your neighbors choose their neighbors. If you belong to neighborhood online message boards or email lists, send a link to your home’s online listing to your neighbors. You can also invite your neighbors to your open house which creates opportunities for your neighbors to sell the neighborhood to prospective buyers.

3. Facebook your home’s listing. Facebook is a great connector of people these days. This can propel networking and bring in more buyers!

4. Leave some good stuff behind. We’ve all heard about closing cost credits, but those are almost so common now that buyers expect them – they don’t really distinguish your house from any of the other homes on the market anymore. What can distinguish your home is leaving behind some of your personal property, ideally items that are above and beyond what the average homebuyer in your home’s price range would be able to afford. That may be stainless steel kitchen appliances or a plasma screen TV, or it might be a golf cart if your home is on a golf course.

5. Surpass the competition with condition. In many markets, much of the competition is low-priced foreclosures and short sales. As an individual homeowner, the way you can compete is on condition. You might want to think about having a termite inspection in advance of listing your home, and get as many of the repairs done as you can. Also, make sure that the little cracks and scratches, doors that don’t work, and wonky handles are all repaired before you start showing your home.

6. Stage the exterior of your home. Stage the exterior with clean paint, pristine landscaping and even outdoor furniture to set up a brunch on the deck vignette. Buyers often fantasize about enjoying their backyards by entertaining and spending time outside.

About the Author

Brandon Lau grew up in Kailua and currently resides in Honolulu with his wife Andee and children Caylah, Elijah, and David. His eighteen years in real estate led him to become a Partner at ChaneyBrooks Choice Advisors. Over the past 10 years he has developed the team and systems that has created a high level of service and value for his clients.

What differentiates Brandon and his team is his consultative approach to real estate. He advises clients with relevant data and expert insight to help them make the best choices in real estate. Good choices in planning for long term dispositions, negotiating for the best price or knowing when not to pursue an investment are ways his consultative services will give you an advantage in the marketplace. His bottom line is providing service with the utmost integrity and expertise.