Boost Credit Scores To Buy A Home

If you’re thinking about buying a house, you have to check your credit scores. When it comes to purchasing a house your credit is very important. If your credit scores are bad it could be your obstacle to buy a property. Nowadays homeowners carefully figure out buyers’ credit and be reluctant to approve a loan for people with bad credit scores. It also impacts interest rates on your loan. Then how can we boost credit scores? Here we have 7 tips to improve your credit scores.



  • Read over the report carefully to see if all information is correct. If you find any error get them fixed. You can dispute errors online through those major credit agencies.


  • Be on time. If you want to increase the scores, pay your bills on time. Never miss a payment and don’t make for partial payments.  Paying on time and in full will have a positive impact on your overall credit scores.


  • Keep balances low on credit cards. Don’t use your credit card to pay everything. Avoid carrying a balance over 50 percent of your limit on each card. Even 10 % credit utilization ratio will still maximize your credit scores.


  • Use existing card. If you don’t have a credit card it’s good to have one or two credit cards. However if you already have one don’t open a number of new credit cards that you don’t need.


  • Mix it up. Obtain multiple kind of credit. 10 percent of your score is based on the types of credit you have.  For example, you can buy a small product on installment or an auto loan will build credit too. Keep that in min you should meet the payment schedule!


  • Big purchases? Not now! If you are planning to buy something expensive on credit you’d better do next time. Avoid any big changes your finances before buying a house. It could be a car, fancy vacation etc. Wait till you get an approval a loan.



About the Author

Brandon Lau grew up in Kailua and currently resides in Honolulu with his wife Andee and children Caylah, Elijah, and David. His eighteen years in real estate led him to become a Partner at ChaneyBrooks Choice Advisors. Over the past 10 years he has developed the team and systems that has created a high level of service and value for his clients.

What differentiates Brandon and his team is his consultative approach to real estate. He advises clients with relevant data and expert insight to help them make the best choices in real estate. Good choices in planning for long term dispositions, negotiating for the best price or knowing when not to pursue an investment are ways his consultative services will give you an advantage in the marketplace. His bottom line is providing service with the utmost integrity and expertise.