Curtain Rods: Hang Without Drilling Holes

Curtain Rods: Hang Without Drilling Holes

There is good news for those of us who either cannot or do not wish to drill holes in our walls. There are a number of options for hanging curtain rods without using nails or screws or creating wall holes.

Special Hardware for No-Drill Curtain Rod Brackets

There are brackets that allow you to mount a curtain rod directly to the corners of the wood molding around your window, instead of in the wall.
Instant-Up Curtain Rod Holders wrap around the top corners of your window molding. A small V-shaped piece slides behind the molding to secure the holder in place. Any standard adjustable curtain rod will fit right onto the curtain rod holder. There is a screw hole on the top and side of the holder in case you’d prefer to attach them more permanently.

Ready Hang brackets allow for more creative possibilities because you can adjust the height at which you hang your curtain rod. The durable steel brackets are placed on the upper corners of your window molding, and a screw is tightened with an Allen Wrench. Vertical extension rods slide up and down, letting you hang your curtain rod several inches above the top of your window. Look for a how-to video on their website

Totally Bracket-less Solution

You could also skip the brackets altogether. Try using a tension rod instead. If you’re recalling those white tension rods grandma had – today’s rods have decorative finishes, like black and brushed chrome. Tension rods easily adjust to the width of your window and sit snugly between the two side jambs of the window – no hardware required. You can position them anywhere in the window you want to, which means you can get creative with your curtains, valances and cafe panels.

Quick n’ Dirty: Adhesive Cup Hooks

If looks aren’t important to you and/or you’re on a strict budget, consider creating your own curtain rod brackets by using adhesive cup hooks and a skinny curtain rod or dowel stick that’s lean enough to nestle into the cradle of the hook. 3M’s Command hooks are great for apartment dwellers because they can be removed without leaving behind any sticky residue. Your walls will remain damage-free.

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