Hawaii Real Estate Market Report – May 2015

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For the state of Hawaii as a whole, the number of sales are up 19% for single-family homes and are up 8% for condos when compared to last month. The numbers show that median single-family home prices are down 5% when compared to last month and up 5% when compared to April 2014. Median condo prices are down 3% when compared to March, and up 5% from a year ago.

Statewide, it took a median of 35 days to sell a single-family home and 30 days to sell a condo.

When compared to March 2015, the number of single-family home sales is up across the board. Maui is up 2%, the Big Island is up 21% and Oahu is up 26% and Kauai remains unchanged. When compared to April last year, Maui is up 2% , Kauai is down 13%, The Big Island is down 3%, while Oahu is up 23%.  

Of all the islands in January, Oahu has the highest price for single-family homes at $672,450 while Maui has the highest price for condos at $405,000The Big Island has the lowest prices for single-family homes and condos at $378,950 and $260,000 respectively.

Single-Family Home Prices

  • $378,950 – Big Island
  • $564,250 – Kauai
  • $578,000 – Maui
  • $672,450 – Oahu

Condo Prices

  • $260,000 – Big Island
  • $347,000 – Oahu
  • $370,000 – Kauai
  • $405,000 – Maui

Big Island’s single-family homes showed the largest increase in median pricing when compared to last month at 15%, Kauai condos showed the largest increase at 35% when compared to April. 

When compared to last month, the number of condo sales are down 23% on Kauai,and 11% on Maui while Big Island is up 39% and Oahu is up 11% on Oahu. When compared to March last year, Oahu is the up 3%, Big Island is up 22%, While Maui is down 25% and Kauai is down 27%.

When we compare median single-family home prices to a year ago, Oahu is up 4%  the Big Island is up 20%, Kauai is up 7% while Maui is down 3%. Condo prices, when compared to April last year, Oahu is up 7%, Kauai is down 2%, Maui is down 25% and the Big Island is up 22%.

These statistics reflect the entire state of Hawaii as a whole as well as the individual islands, but real estate is local, and each island, region and neighborhood has its own market trends.

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