How To: Italian Home Design

How To: Italian Home Design

I was 17 when I was fortunate enough to visit Italy. Now, with Italy being one of the top countries in tourist activity, I was already inundated with images of what it would look like and to some extent, what it would feel like. But, I could not have been more wrong. The feeling of Italy is that of great contrast of time. You find yourself encased within a portrait of modern travelers, locals, and by passers painted on a backdrop of ancient architecture. The buildings that stand before you stood the test of time of over hundreds of decades and suddenly you feel…small. I renewed my passion for architecture and my attention to the historical and symbolic value captured within every carving, painting, and artifact. I was inspired, to say the very least, to bring a semblance of that feeling back home with me.

If you are like me and appreciate that of ancient European architecture, here are a few simple tips that can help you create a completely different atmosphere in your home.

Italian Wooden Doors: Doors are a crucial part of your home’s overall impression, for it is the first and last thing you see. There is demand for old-fashioned doors when a quality restoration is being undertaken, and these can be found in the stores of specialized antique dealers. The aesthetic appeal of these doors is accompanied by technical improvement measures that, for example, reduce sound transmission.

Artusi Italian Kitchen: The heart of Italy is in the kitchen and is known for simplicity. This style of simple linear design facilitates floor, furniture, and appliance cleaning while enabling you ample space to roam freely and easily. This style is renowned for its vast attention to detail.

Tiled Flooring: Italians prefer not to use carpet due to them perceiving it to be unhygienic. Thus, tile became a staple in its design. You can choose from earthy-toned to vibrantly decorated ceramic tiles that suit every room. Such flooring can create a warm and majestic ambiance to your home instantly.

Curtains: Richly colored curtains can give your home a feeling of opulence. You can establish a vintage look with the range of fabrics and deep hues made available at your nearest store or manufacturer.

As you can see, you do not have to do much to achieve a look for your home that you have always wanted. Don’t wait to get started!

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