Kewalo Basin Harbor Development

Hawaii Community Development Authority has accepted the development plan at Kewalo Basin Harbor. The harbor is in the Kaka’ako area next to Ala Moana Beach Park. It was constructed in the 1910s, and used to be a site of the commercial fishing, boat fleet and the tuna cannery. HCDA’s Kewalo Basin Harbor Development Master Plan includes:

-Maintain/Enhance the commercial small boat harbor while they build new docks, piers and dock facilities.

-Repair/Maintain the Kewalo Basin Park

-Improve harbor circulation and access. (There’s no pedestrian facilities.)

-Establish new lifeguard facilities

-Enhace the harbor as a tour,excursion and other businesses site

-Offer harbor related food and beverage at the Fisherman’s wharf/Tuna cannery site

Then who are going to develop Kewalo Basin Harbor?

Howard Hughes Corp

A Dallas, Texas based company, The Howard Hughes Corporation is a management company and a major real estate development firm. Their 60-acre luxury condo Ward Village is under the construction near Kewalo Basin too. They will make the harbor as a commercial boat harbor providing outdoor activities like fishing, scuba diving, parasailing too. Hughes Corp. already has a lease from HCDA to manage and improve most of the harbor and condominiums.

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Kewalo Waterfront Partners Inc.

This developer was formed by Japan based Good Luck International Corp., Take and Give Needs Co., and Shindai Co. Ltd. Also, some local businesses give strong support to its project. Kewalo Waterfront Parters Inc. is proposing developing multi uses buildings like  retail stores, dining area, entertainment venue and office space.

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Bellavita Inc.

The Japanese-based restaurant operator Bellavita Incorporation proposed opening a 6,000 square foot Italian restaurant, Napule. They are expecting to start construction in August on a $3 million project. The restaurant will be built between Kewalo Basin Harbor and Ala Moana Boulevard expecting to be completed by February 2016.

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