Kitchen Sink Quick Cleaning Tips

We all agree that the kitchen sink should be one of the cleanest surfaces in our home. We do so much in the kitchen sink. We rinse fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, poultry, perhaps a pet and/or their toys and dishes, maybe even a child or two. We drain our pots and pans into the sink. We wash dishes, glasses, and silverware in the sink.

Simply rinsing the kitchen sink until it looks clean is not going to keep it germ free. The kitchen sink requires regular cleaning and sanitizing needs to protect your family from germs and bacteria.  Here is a quick way to get your kitchen sink clean and sanitized:

Tools Needed
•Eraser-type sponge
•All-purpose cleaner with bleach
•Chlorine bleach and regular sponge

Removing Stains: The speediest way to remove stains and splotches is with an eraser-type sponge like Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. (You may need to also use an all-purpose cleaner with bleach for those extra-stubborn spots) Then rinse.

Sanitizing: To sanitize any sink after cleaning, plug the drain and fill the sink with a gallon of warm water. Swish in a tablespoon of bleach. Dip in a sponge; wipe down the faucet and handles.  Let the water sit for at least five minutes. Rinse, and air-dry.

Make It Easier Next Time
• Sprinkle some baking soda on a stain before it sets in, then wipe and rinse.  Added bonus: Baking soda fights drain odors.
•To keep a stainless steel sink looking good, smooth away scratches, with a powdered stainless steel cleanser and a regular sponge.  Also, repel grime by applying a light coating of mineral oil with a rag.

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