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The way a property is zoned determines the kind of use that is possible.  Most people are familiar with residential zoning which is designated by R-3.5, R-5, R-7.5.  These designations are used to determine areas for urban residential development.  The numbers correspond to the minimum lot area (in square feet) upon which a single family, two-family, or duplex might be constructed.  For example, a zoning of R-5 means that a minimum of 5,000 SF of land is required to build one detached single family dwelling.  Whereas R-7.5 would require 7,500 SF of land to build one detached single family dwelling.

Here are some other zoning designations:

AG-1, AG-2 = Agricultural

P-1, P-2 = Preservation

A-1, A-2, A-3 = Apartment 

I-2, I-2, I-3 = Industrial

B-1, B-2 = Business

There are also special mixed-use zoning designations such as AMX and BMX. 

AMX = Apartment Mixed Use.  This zoning allows some commercial uses in apartment neighborhoods to support the daily and weekly needs of the neighborhood, conserve transportation energy, and optimize the use of land and urban services and facilities.

BMX = Business Mixed Use.  This zoning is to recognize that certain areas of the city have historically been mixtures of commercial and residential use and encourages continuance of this pattern.  Zoning of this nature ocurrs especially where residences are in very close proximity to empoyment and retail opportunities.

One such example of a BMX development is Executive Centre in downtown honolulu.  This building allows both commercial and residential use of their condominium units.  Here is an example of a unit for sale in the building:

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