Q. What Color Do I Paint My House?

A. Picking the right paint color can be more difficult than figuring out what to wear.  At least you can go home and change your clothes if you find yourself mismatched.  It is a good idea to first observe what kind of home you have and then determine what you want to accentuate.  For example, if you have an older home with classic architecture, you may want to recreate the same nostalga of that era by analyzing old paint chips or looking at what color schemes were popular at the time.  Or if you wanted to spice up the scene, look at modern colors that emphasize the classic lines and try not to get too eccentric.  Here are some other helpful tips:

1)  If you are in a planned community, be sure to adhere to the association guidelines and make sure your color matches.  This might be boring but will save you from painting your home twice. 

2)  Consider your neighbors and find a balance between your preference and their appearance.

3)  Borrow from Nature:

  • Trees and Shrubbery: Deep greens, moss colors, browns, and russet
  • Water Views: Blues, greens, and turquoise
  • Mountains and Cliffs: Greens, grays, and browns
  • Deserts: Oranges, reds, golds, and browns

4)  Be sure to harmonize.  If you like a certain set of sheets, drapes, or pillow cases perhaps you can start with those colors and match your interior walls accordingly. 

5)  Focus on the details.  Do not be afraid to use multiple colors.  In addition, you can accent shutters, moldings, doors, brackets, columns, and porch decks. 

6)  Use light colors to make spaces feel larger and darker colors to add drama.  Darker shades are good to accent recesses and lighter tones will highlight details that project from the surface. 

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About the Author

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