Recycle Those Old CD’s


Here are some great ideas for recycling stuff that’s been lying around your house.  It will help you declutter your home and keep your junk from ending up in a landfill:

Turn old CDs into scarecrows

Has your music collection has gone all-digital in the past few years?  If so, you probably have hundreds of old CDs with nothing to do except take up space.

Put them to good use by scaring birds away from your garden and lanai. Thread string through the hole in the CD and tie it off. Hang several CDs from a tree. The shiny, moving objects will frighten birds, keeping them away from your garden/lanai.

Make a rack out of doorknobs

Do you have some old doorknobs lying around? Turn them into a clothing or key rack. Take four or five doorknobs, unmatched ones can make it more interesting to look at, and space them evenly apart on a piece of wood trim. Screw the knobs to the wood, and then mount the wood to the wall, and you now have a new place to hang your purse, scarves, necklaces, etc.

Use old pots to store garden tools

Do you have some old pots that became too small for grownup plants?  Put these old pots to good use!  Fill them with sand mixed with enough mineral oil to make it slightly damp. Stick your gardening tools in the sand.  This is a great way to store your tools and protects them from corrosion and rust.

Store tall tools in old golf bag

Has it been years since your last golf game?  Maybe you’ve just upgraded to a better bag.  If so, here’s a new use for an old golf bag: Make it a home for your bigger gardening tools. Shovels, hoes, and rakes slide right into the compartments that once held clubs.

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