Saving Grace

Have you ever thought of what the most exciting day in your life would be?  Aside from getting married, having kids, and finding spiritual peace, the most exciting day will be when you have paid off your last loan.  Some of us might be stressed out because of our financial burdens.  If this is you, here are some ways get you can experience grace through saving.

             B-U-D-G-E-T.  There are some of us who do really well in terms of our personal income, but without understanding how much you’re spending, you might end up keeping less than you think.  Having a budget is the first step in holding yourself accountable to what money leaves your wallet.  Remember, it’s a lot less work saving a dollar than earning one.

             Reward yourself.  When it’s difficult for you to find the motivation to save, be sure to reward yourself for good behavior.  Most of us are driven by some incentive.  It might be a day at the beach, watching movies, or a night on the town.  Be sure to set rewards each month for sticking to your budget and if the reward involves spending money, stick this in your budget too! 

             Teamwork will help.  Discipline is hard work unless you have a partner.  If two people are dedicated to ensuring that a goal is met, there’s no limit to what they can accomplish.  Work your plan with your spouse or family member and keep each other on track.  

             Check on your account weekly.  When you routinely check your balance you will be encouraged to see a growing savings account.  Even if you are a savvy investor, be sure to keep an eye on the level of your accounts so that you can be quick to make corrections in case you’re veering off path.  Sign up for online access with your bank or investment company.

             Invest wisely. If you are hoping to earn additional returns on your savings or are starting a new business for extra cash, be sure to invest in products or services which add value.  These companies are sure to survive even when the hype is gone.

About the Author

Brandon Lau grew up in Kailua and currently resides in Honolulu with his wife Andee and children Caylah, Elijah, and David. His eighteen years in real estate led him to become a Partner at ChaneyBrooks Choice Advisors. Over the past 10 years he has developed the team and systems that has created a high level of service and value for his clients.

What differentiates Brandon and his team is his consultative approach to real estate. He advises clients with relevant data and expert insight to help them make the best choices in real estate. Good choices in planning for long term dispositions, negotiating for the best price or knowing when not to pursue an investment are ways his consultative services will give you an advantage in the marketplace. His bottom line is providing service with the utmost integrity and expertise.