Signs Someone is Lying & How to Get the Truth

Signs Someone is Lying & How to Get the Truth

Let’s be honest. Sometimes a coworker, employee, relative, or even an acquaintance doesn’t give you a truthful answer. Here are three red flags that should tip you off if they’re fibbing (and how to respond):

1.Fidgeting. He or she may cross and uncross their legs, touch their mouths, clear their throat or move their hands. They’re anxious and their nervous system takes over. Know that some people, however, are very good at managing their body language.

2.Avoiding eye contact. On the other hand, some people who don’t tell the truth increase their eye contact because they want to appear more sincere. Watch for expressions on a person’s face that seem different from their normal personality. They may reveal that the person is not being honest.

3.Talking too little or too much. He or she might give vague answers. Or they may get too chatty to try to change the subject.
If they talk more or less than normal, they could be withholding the whole story or trying to gloss over something.

If you suspect someone is lying, use these tips to get the truth:

•Listen and dig deeper. Ask open-ended questions that can’t be answered with a yes or no. For example, don’t ask “Did you do your homework tonight?” Instead, say “What did you learn from your homework assignment?”

•Let the person tell their story, but watch for inconsistencies. Don’t be accusatory. You may not have all the facts yourself. Be open and give the person a chance to own up.

•Be willing to hear the truth. The person may be trying to cover up something they think you don’t want to hear.

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